About Us


Sara Michaud

Chief growing officer and producer of the soap, salve and other skin products for Bee Happy Homestead. Sara earned her Master Gardener status in 2014 and Master Beekeeper Certificate in 2018 from Cornell University. Her interests are in growing using intensive organic methods, permaculture design, market gardening and using alternative hive products in recipes.


Sherri Matheu

Chief processing officer in charge of producing all of the canned products. Sherri completed the Master Gardener program in 2017. She completed the Food Service Manager program in 2017. Her interests include finding new recipes and developing new ideas for food related products.


The Animals

The chickens and bees enjoy the good life at Bee Happy Homestead. The 24 chickens live in 3 houses with large play areas that will be expanding in 2019. They are fed an organic grain and various treats. They love fresh picked treats from the garden and are lucky enough to get produce from Sweet Pea Farm as well. They are kind enough to produce plenty of manure for the compost bin and eggs.

We have between 10+ bee hives going at a time. They are cared for with the utmost respect for what they are able to do! Treatments and interventions are based on their needs to keep them as healthy and as strong as possible. We only take from the hives what is in excess so to not compromise their natural abilities to survive. Treatment methods used are organically approved.